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Fee Structure

Please find below details of the settings fees policy and structure, please contact us directly should you have any questions or to arrange a viewing.

Fees from September 2022

  • A £30.00 non-refundable registration fee, for all bookings other than those 100% funded by EYEE/ELP, is required to secure and reserve placements.
  • £6 Per hour for children aged 0-24 months, with a 10% discount £5.40, with a 20% discount £4.80 (see discounts)
  • £5.50 Per hour for children aged over 24 months, with a 10% discount £4.95, with a 20% discount £4.40 (see discounts)
  • £2.50 For School Lunch, served at 12.00 midday, this is optional, you can send your child in with a packed lunch from home as an alternative, although it must not contain food that requires either cooking or heating up.
  • £1.00 for breakfast, served at 8.00am, and £1.50 for Tea, served at 5.00pm, again these are both optional.

Payment of Fees

  • All fees are inclusive of morning and afternoon snacks, all drinks (excluding formula), nappies, wipes and sun cream.
  • Fees are charged by the hour (not by the session) and any extra/extended sessions are charged at the same hourly rates.
  • Bills are issued at the beginning of each month for that month.
  • Fees can be made by cash or BACS (account details can be found on the invoice). If paying by cash please ask a member of staff for a receipt to serve as proof of payment, as no other proof of payment will be accepted.
  • Payment is expected by the 15th of each month. Other payment dates and arrangements (weekly etc) can be arranged in writing with Claire
  • If full payment has not been received by midday on the last working day of the month then your child’s placement will be suspended until full payment is received, this may result in loss of your child’s place as we have waiting lists for most days.
  • Any bad debts (once a child has left) will be referred to the small claims court for collection, any costs of this will be added to the debt.

Notice Periods

  • You are required to give four weeks’ notice in writing, if you wish your child to leave Tom Thumb. This notice will be charged in full even if your child doesn’t attend.
  • For children claiming either EYEE or ELP, six weeks’ notice in writing is required. Please note if you access the stretched funding offer and leave midterm/year you may be in a situation of owing us for funded hours used, due to the different lengths in each term, and this will be added to your final invoice. A transfer of EYEE/ELP cannot be made if full notice is not given and full final payment is not made.
  • You are generally required to give four weeks’ notice in writing of any changes to your child’s permanent hours, although exceptions to this may be made by Claire, The Nursery Director.
  • Extended sessions and extra sessions can be booked at short notice, written notice is not required for these.

Minimum Hours

  • There is a minimum requirement of three hours per day, and six hours per week.
  • The hours between 9am and 1pm must be booked as a full session, flexible start and finish times are available before and after that session.
  • Children’s session starts and end times, must be on the hour between the hours of 9.00am and 4.00pm, and can be on the half hour before 9.00am and after 4.00pm.
  • As a rule, we do not accept variable bookings as all children are required to have set weekly hours, however, if a variable booking is needed, due to working hours changing then this may be considered and must be discussed and arranged with Claire, all hours will need to be booked directly with Claire through email. 


  • We offer a 10% discount off the total invoice for siblings and for a single booking of 25 hours or more per week and a 20% discount off the total invoice for a single booking of 40 hours or more per week and a joint booking of 50 hours or more per week
  • No discount is given for children who claim EYEE/ELP
  • No discount or refund (this includes any meal charges) is given for part attendance of a pre-booked session or sick days or any holidays (some exceptions to this rule have been made in the past but due to our waiting lists will no longer be possible).
  • We will be closed, and do not charge for, all bank holidays, the Summer break which this year will be week commencing 7th of August 2022 and the Christmas break which runs from Christmas Eve until New Year’s Day.

EYEE and EYLP Funding

  • We are registered with OFSTED to deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and therefore can claim the Early Years Education Entitlement and the Early Years Learning Place entitlement from ESCC
  • The universal EYEE will pay for a maximum of 570 free hours per year, from the term after your child’s third birthday, your child is automatically entitled to this offer and you will need to apply through Tom Thumb to access this.
  • The extended 30 hours EYEE will pay for an additional 570 hours per year for eligible 3 and 4-year old’s, from the term after their third birthday, you will need to check eligibility and apply online and then provide us with a code to access this funding and then reconfirmed every 12 weeks. This funding will only last for as long as you are eligible.
  • The ELP is available for eligible 2-year old’s, from the term after their second birthday, you will need to check eligibility and apply online and then provide us with a code to access this funding.
  • Any hours in addition to the 570/1140 free hours are paid at normal rates.
  • All other nursery fees and placement policies and procedures still apply to children claiming their EYEE or EYLP


38-week offer


For a maximum of 15/30 hours per week over a minimum of two days, during school terms.


Funded term time only booking dates are as follows;


5th September to 16th December with a break w/c 24th October (total 14 weeks)


9th January to 31st March with a break w/c 13th February (total 11 weeks)


17th April to 21st July with a break w/c 29th May (total 13 weeks)




Stretched offer (for 30 hour funding only)


If your child is due funding from September 2022 the 1140 hours are split into 23 hours per week over 50 weeks (29th August 2022 until August 25th 2023)




If your child is due funding from January 2023 the 720 hours are split into 22 hours per week over 33 weeks (January 2nd 2023 until August 25th 2023)




If your child is due funding from April 2023 the 390 hours are split into 20 hours per week over 20 weeks (April 3rd 2023 until August 25th 2023)